I work in the space

between art and technology

as a designer and entrepreneur.​

Since I left the Royal College of Art in 2011 I have worked with musicians primarily - a flying drone dress for Lady Gaga and interactive stagewear for Will.I.Am and the Black-Eyed Peas are examples – and have launched the world’s first app-connected streetwear, all with my XO co-founder Nancy Tilbury.  But these high-profile ventures only serve to show my talent for solving technical problems with partners within the creative industries and for taking projects through concept to delivery. 



I uphold the principles behind Skunkworks, the cross-disciplinary aircraft design team set up by Lockheed Martin in late 1943. Arguably the original start up, Skunkworks created the SR71, a reconnaissance plane that could fly faster that anti aircraft missiles, in record time. It showed that if you bring together a critical mass of designers, engineers, philosophers and artists you can make magic.