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The Worlds first App Connected Streetwear

2415 - 2017

For XO

Twentyfour15 is a consumer streetwear brand featuring the world’s first app connected fibre optic colour changing apparel. The collection was previewed on 15th of September 2017 at a pop-up at 15 Floral Street, London, to coincide with the start of London Fashion Week. 

Twentyfour15 identifies with a movement in the cult of streetwear, where the next generation of customers have an appetite for the new and the future. The secret sauce is the XO’s ‘digital haberdashery’, which connects digital fabrics with apps and enables them to target the Gen Z consumer market. It is a fresh approach to wearable tech, which is more about emotion and connectivity as well as being truer to fashion. 


Creative Direction - Technical Direction - Prototyping - Press and Marketing 

Benjamin developed the concept of a 'Platform for the Body' with Nancy Tilbury and was instrumental in the technical development, prototyping and production of the bluetooth controlled fibre optic fabric which was used as the basis for the collection.

Benjamin designed and prototyped the printed circuit board (PCB) and wrote the first firmware. He also created the specification of the IOS app which was able to animate the fibre optic an array of colours in sync with music played on the smart phone.

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