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For 15 years, my work has helped to define the role of the Creative Innovator - those important team members who have the ability to bridge the gap between deep technology and creative applications - in the real world -  and take ownership of that wonderful grey space where serendipity lurks and exciting things emerge. 

I am both a qualified engineer and a designer, a unique skill set among innovators which I  see as a superpower – I can 'speak' both creative and technical which enables me to help make the impossible a reality: a flying dress for Lady Gaga, a Vantablack coated car for BMW and a bluetooth connected light up fabric for a streetwear brand, with many other example featured here on my site.

I am a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded and run creative innovation companies in the wearable technology, live entertainment and media spaces. While I am still active with XO and Levitation 29 I am always excited to join ground breaking projects where I can add my skill set and experience to world class teams and help make incredible happen. Please drop me a line, Im always up for a chat!

I regularly speak on the subject of creativity and innovation and have appeared at SXSW and Web Summit as well as TV appearances and printed media.

I am available on a contract and freelance basis. Feel free to contact at or through LinkedIn

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