I consult with companies interested in understanding emerging technologies, how they might engage their customers and the new business models that follow them.

As both a Mechanical Engineer and Designer I am uniquely placed to work with companies looking to bridge the gap between art and technology. Each collaboration is different. It depends on the challenges my partner faces, but these are some of the things I can offer.

  • Concept generation and presentation to clients and stakeholders

  • Prototyping to prove concept

  • A creative approach to new technologies and advice on how best to use them.​

  • A technical understanding of what’s out there.

  • Help with creative and technical development, identifying appropriate suppliers and building relationships with them.

  • Proven expertise in running multi-disciplinary teams and engaging everyone from directors to customers in the process.

  • An insight into new business models and opportunities created by emerging technologies.

Please contact me for further information.