For Those Who Drive / Infiniti / 2014


The Luxury automobile brand Infiniti collaborated with Studio XO on a short film to present their 2015 Q70L model. The vehicle incorporated world firsts in sensing technology and we were asked to create a piece of work that helped highlight how a driver would feel when behind the wheel of such an advanced machine.


I approached the project in a classically scientific way, proposing that we create a controlled space in which to test both car and driver and using real road data to calibrate what we were seeing in the test space. We measured the driver's biometric data including heart rate, electrodermal activity and temperature and developed sensors that were fitted to the car and measured wheel speed, grip pressure on the steering wheel and pressure on the accelerator. With the real-time data streaming into our graphics servers we projected a custom visualisation of combined human and automobile data around the test space in addition to generating graphical representations on the surface of a custom-made video jacket that we also made.

My role was as Technical Director and I was heavily involved in developing the concept for the film as well as the design of the test space, the technical aspects of the display jacket and the visual language that was used to represent the data visually.