2415 / XO / 2017

2415 is a streetwear brand for Gen Z - the under 25-year-old digital natives who want their clothes to do more.


2415 is XO’s first consumer-facing brand and the first to use its Platform for the Body technology. 2415 launched at London Fashion week 2017, to much social and critical acclaim. Forbes magazine wrote in their coverage; ‘Could this be the next big thing in streetwear?’ [Forbes article]. This, coupled with impressive website pre-sales, [2415 Website] has proven a high demand for app-connected fashion in this substantial customer demographic.


2415 is one example of how XO’s Platform for the Body technology can be tailored into wearables, accessories and products.  


During 2017 I oversaw the launch of the brand. In true start-up fashion, I was involved in developing the technology behind the scenes and delivering and managing the project at CEO level. It was a varied and shifting workload, demanding creativity and expertise at one end whilst negotiating event liability insurance and venue rates at the other.




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