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The new 'Bubble Dress' for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - 2014

For XO in collaboration with Haus of Gaga

Anemone is a dress that blows large and small bubbles, the small ones creating a foam structure around the wearer and the large bubbles flying away.

The mechanisms that create this effect are known as bubble factories. These are small, 3D-printed jaw mechanisms. When they open, a fan blows out large or small bubbles depending on the size of the mechanism's aperture.

The dress was unveiled in 2013, when Lady Gaga wore it to the iTunes festival. It is the second so-called bubble dress which Lady Gaga has worn, the first one being a nude leotard with plastic transparent globes attached to it.


Creative Direction - Technical Direction - Prototyping - Press and Marketing 

Anemone was one of a series of concepts that Benjamin developed with Nancy Tilbury and the team at XO.

He specified the technology and lead the team that built the bubble mechanisms that created the 3 different types of bubble. The final version was capable of wireless DMX control however this function was never used.

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